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Australian Blog Competitions & Contests

Being so obsessed with entering competitions and contests means that I have a pretty sharp eye when it comes to spotting them.

About a year ago I noticed the growth of blog contests and competitions. Of course, there is a huge blogging following through the U.S. so many of these blog contests are not open to Aussies.

There are however a huge number of Aussie bloggers, and that number continues to grow. So it’s occured to me that there needs to be a place to list all the Australian Blog Competitions in one place, and where better than the blog of a competition addict :P

At first I was going to put up a new domain all together, and I still might, it will depend on the interest of Aussie bloggers to run competitions and have them listed here, chances are when I find great competitions I will be putting them up on here anyway.

So my idea is to have a specific area for Australian Blog Competitions, and of course a section for U.S. Blog Contests that are running also so as to spread the love around…….

Would love to know if any Aussie bloggers who run competitions would be interested, I can help out with competition guidelines and establishing terms and conditions or other ideas too :)

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