5 MUST know tips for Entering Competitions and Sweepstakes.

October 20, 2008 by admin  
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I’m so glad that readers discovering my blog are getting interested in entering competitions, contests and sweepstakes for themselves. It’s really so amazing to get notified that you’ve won something, and somebody has to win all these prizes that companies give away, so it might as well be you!!!

There are some really important things you have to take note of when you enter some competitions, so I thought I would write this quick start guide for anyone new to “comping” so you can be sure that your first entries are not disqualified, or money isn’t wasted on products purchased for competitions.

Tip 1: Check eligibility - Before you take the time to enter a competition, the first thing you should do is check you are eligible to enter. Check clauses in the terms and conditions such as age requirements, geographical limitations (is the competition only open to certain states)

Tip 2: Purchase Requirements - If a competition requires you to make a product purchase (this is illegal in some countries and states but applies to most states of Australia). It is important to check that you are buying the correct product and product size.

I’ve been caught out buying the 200g for example when only the 500g version of a product was eligible for entry. There may also be specific varieties required for purchase, such as a diet yoghurt and not the full fat version of the same company. Read the terms and conditions closely and stick to them as much as you possibly can.

Tip 3: Proof of Purchase - In those states and countries that are legally able to request product purchase for entry, many will require proof of purchase is kept and produced by the winner before the prize will be awarded. Before I really got into “Comping” as a hobby, I entered several product competitions without keeping my register receipts.

It’s always best if you are in doubt to file your receipt. It’s a horrible feeling thinking you’ve lost a receipt and having to search the house top to bottom if you need to produce proof of purchase.

Tip 4: Write Clearly - It’s really important to write clearly on entry forms. If the company or promoters can’t read your writing, there’s no way for them to contact you to advise of your win. Always take the time to write your details clearly and consisely onto entry forms and coupons. It’s worth the extra effort.

Tip 5: Check Prize Details - If you are tempted to spend money on a product to enter a competition, it’s important to first be sure that you can take the prize if it’s something like a holiday. Many holiday prizes are non transferrable and only allowed to be redeemed between a certain time. Check the fine print before you enter, or enter in a partner’s name if they have a more flexible job for example and would be more likely to fit a hoiday win into their schedule if there’s a chance you may not.

The same can be said for prizes that are awarded to home owners for renovations. Often these prizes will be in the form of cheque. Some are able to be transferred to another person, but some will be forfeited for those who are renting.

A quick skim of the terms and conditions will tell you everything you need to know.

So there you go, these are the basic things you need to keep in mind before you jump in head first and buy products in order to enter competitions. The most important thing I tell anyone interested in starting out in this hobby is to read the terms and conditions. This also goes for free online sweepstakes and competitions. There’s no point wasting time if you’re not eligible.

Now get out there, enter and win… GOOD LUCK :)

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One Response to “5 MUST know tips for Entering Competitions and Sweepstakes.”

  1. Bettina (9 comments.) on October 20th, 2008 10:26 pm

    OK You’ve inspired me. I’ve entered 5 competitions in the past 12 hours! lol

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