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I Want to Help YOU Win!!

I’m so glad to be making some new friends in the blogosphere, and excited that everyone seems excited about “comping” and learning more.

One thing I have to say straight up is that ANYONE can win, its all about strategy, timing, learning a few tips and tricks and plenty of luck thrown in…….

There’s so much to write about I can blab on about competitions forever, but firstly I’m wondering

What is it that YOU would like to know about my hobby? What would YOU like to know about entering competitions? It can be anything, from privacy and scams to understanding terms and conditions down to the basics of the difference between the way internet and mail in competitions work.

If you’re from the US of course, competitions are generally referred to as sweepstakes or contests but it’s all the same principal, I’d love to hear from anyone worldwide who might have a question related to the most fun, winning hobby of all :)

Post your question as a reply to this post and I’ll share anything I know :)

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