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Starting from the End

Well, I am back after 3 days of sick children and now with a sick husband and recovering from being sick myself, it’s time to continue my story.

I guess when it comes to winning things, I would love to start right back from the beginning, but that would leave so much to get through so I have decided to do both. I am going to write about my “comping” as I do it today, what I win, what I achieve, the time I dedicate and try and do a few blasts from the past on a regular basis until I have covered most of my prize wins over the last couple of years.

To be honest, there have been a few months this year where I really haven’t been dedicated with entering any competitions. I lost my comping spark and really just couldn’t be bothered.

Snow Hills and Snow Boarding

Thankfully over the last few weeks, the spark has returned and the wins are already starting to roll in. I’ve been dedicating many hours to entering (I’ll talk more about time and dedication in another post) lately, and one competition I entered has won me a snowboard!! Hubby is very excited to say the least.

So here is this weeks prize win, it will arrive in a few weeks………

A Snow Board and bindings valued at $989… Hubby is so happy, something he’s always wanted but we would never really spend the money on buying!!

So What did I have to do to win it?

It was easy…. I had to enter a voting competition with colgate toothpaste… simply upload a picture, add some features from their automated site and then submit it. A few days later I recieved confirmation and voting details.

How to win Voting Competitions? I just made sure to forward the link to my entry all my friends, people on facebook, myspace, as an email attachment….. and voila, I was really lucky to be this weeks winner.

Voting comps take alot of hard work. You need to remember to vote daily, weekly, hourly or whatever timing it is that the terms and conditions allow, as well as gently “prodding” friends and family to be sure to vote for you also. In the end it was worth it, also because I hadn’t entered a voting competition in so long, friends weren’t too annoyed with my hassling them… :D

Well, needless to say, this weeks win has definately motivated me to keep entering…..

Snow Hills and Snow Boarding

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My winning hobby

Ok, so I’ve finally got this blog looking closer to something I am happy with. I will probably continue to change the theme and tweak it, but hey, that’s just me :)

It’s after midnight here, we’ve had a really busy father’s day today, had a great day and the weather was nice which is a change from the last few days. Mr 18 months has had a tummy bug but thankfully is now sound asleep so fingers crossed I get more sleep tonight than last.

That’s enough about that for now :) I thought I’d write a quick intro into who I am, about my hobby and what I look forward to sharing with everyone on this blog…..

My hobby has changed my life. I have experienced amazing things I’d never have shared with my family otherwise…..

2 years ago I was feeling a bit down about not earning money and contributing to the household. I was studying at Uni to do Nursing, with 2 kiddies aged 3 and 1, really I just needed something I would enjoy that would possibly help help our family out in some way. Introducing my saviour…… “Comping”

Comping is a name used for entering competitions on a regular basis. I know in the U.S. they refer to competitions as sweepstakes and use the word sweeping, in the U.K. it’s the same as here in Australia. No matter what it’s called, comping or sweeping is lots of fun and it can open doors you never dreamed of going through in your lifetime.

In 2 years I have won about $70,000 in prizes of all sorts. I have won everything from holidays to camera’s and ipods. Fridges to clothing… you name it, if you want it, chances are there is a competition out there somewhere to win it!!

Now, because I am really tired, I am going to cut short here and head to bed, but before I go I just have to say that I was not “born lucky”. Until I started this hobby I had never won much of anything. ANYONE can change their lives with comping or “sweeping”. Anyone has the possibility of winning amazing prizes.

Companies worldwide give away billions of dollars each year in prizes, and if someone has to win it, it  might as well be you (or me :P :))

This blog I would love to share what I have won over the last 2 years, how I’ve won it, what I’ve learnt along the way, what amazing things I have experienced, and of course keep up to date with my latest wins and entries.

There’s so much to write about, I look forward to sharing it with you


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Prizetastic - My Winning Life


Welcome to prizetastic. This blog is something I have wanted to start for a long time. Why? So I can share my amazing hobby and experiences with others.

What’s so interesting about my hobby? I love to win!!! Of course everyone loves that winning feeling, so here I am to share my hobby, my wins, my heartbreaks and of course the amazing experiences I get to have all because of competition wins.

Sorry it’s looking a bit drab around here right now, i am working on a new blog theme but thought I better start writing and not just designing :)

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