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Time Saving Tips for Entering Competitions and Sweepstakes…Sometimes It’s hard to Keep up

Just like any other mother, wife, student and hobbyist, I often find it hard to keep up with all my daily tasks. There’s 3 littlies to take care of, my husband, my studies which often seem to be behind, and of course there’s my comping :)

Mostly, it seems to be my comping that falls by the wayside, closely followed by my studies. That’s definately been the case over the last few days, I have entered only around 10 Competitions over the entire weekend!! That’s definately not many :(

So today, my goal is to try and enter at least 10 competitions, which can feel like 100 when you are tired and really not in the mood…. but of course, it only takes one prize win to shift that unmotivated feeling into elation and joy!!
So here’s a few quick tips for how to save time when entering competitions, contests or sweepstakes (depending on which country you’re from LOL)

  • Only enter things you know you want or can use - It’s pointless entering a competition for a cd that you’ll never listen to and then missing out on entering a draw for cash, a car or even the chance to win that much desired holiday. Believe me, i’ve done this myself… put thought into a “words or less” slogan answer for a competition, realise it’s now past midnight and skim down the list just a tiny bit further to see I could have been entering a competition to win $5000 instead!!! So now, if I won’t listen to it or don’t know anyone who would then I just don’t enter, I leave the prize for someone who would really love it.
  • Set aside an our a day specifically just to enter competitions - Fit entering competitions into your schedule and your lifestyle. If you know you have an hour (or however long you dedicate) each day to enter as many competitions as possible, you’ll be surprised how motivated and focussed you become. Remember, don’t procrastinate, just enter and move on, it’s better to be in the draw than still thinking about entering!!
  • Get Family Members Involved - If you find yourself really short of time, ask your partner to fill out entry forms or write out envelopes for you. If your kids are old enough, get them helping, after all if you win then everyone reaps the rewards and excitement after all :)

Ok, that’s enough blabbing, I’m off to finish my 10 entries for today.. only 2 done so far!!!

Happy Winning :)

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