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Finding Motivation To Enter Competitions & Sweepstakes

Ok, so it sounds a bit weird that someone who’s main hobby is winning things would find motivating themself hard!

But if you’ve been entering competitions or sweepstakes as a hobby for a while, then chances are you know exactly what I mean when I say that sometimes you just can’t be bothered entering anything no matter how lucrative or exciting the prizes might seem.

Burnout is actually quite common in this hobby surprisingly enough. In my experience, and many “compers” and “sweepers” I have spoken to, burnout tends to happen anywhere from 6 months to a year after you first start entering really heavily, or after a life distraction that takes your attention away for a while, when you have other major commitments, or sadly after a long string of losses.

Never fear, there are some ways to get your motivation boosted again.

I have said before that it’s not always best to enter anything and everything. This definately applies if you are short of time, or in the United States where taxes are applicable on prize wins. HOWEVER, there’s always an exception to the rule.

If you are having a down time because you haven’t won anything, stop focusing on only prizes you would like to win, and enter as many things as you can possibly enter. Once a win comes your way (and we all know the more you enter the more chance you have) it may only be a CD, but that CD or small prize always brings with in renewed vigour.

If your down time is due to time constraints, or other major events in your life, my last post on entering on limited time should help out. Focus only on prizes you want, and allocate a designated entering time each day. Fit it into your schedule and soon you will wonder why it felt so hard to do!

If, like me lately there’s  no real reason, just be sure to enter at least ONE competition, contest or sweepstake each day. This month I have really changed things up a bit and am focusing on mail in competitions which isnt normally something I do. I even got creative with an entry which I will post a picture of shortly.

All in all, if you really can’t find the motivation and haven’t entered or won anything in a while, don’t beat yourself up over it, the motivation will come back to you for sure, find someone who loves chatting about your hobby with you, it’s always fun to have a buddy to enter sweepstakes and competitions with. Dream about winning and alert each other to great competitions that are running!

Chat Soon xx

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