Top 5 Tips to Win Photography Competitions

April 2, 2009 by admin  
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You may be thinking that photography competitions are only for professionals?… Think again!

The truth is that there are many competitions run throughout the year that are run specifically for amateur photographers, or really just require the entry of “happy snaps” and are not necessarily looking for professional photography art pieces.

Keep an eye out for websites such as Baby Express who run a monthly baby contest, or Ted’s Camera’s who also often have photography competitions running on site. If you are really interested in taking your photography to another level then there are also some great Australian Photography forums to join who also run regular competitions.

Anyway, so now you know where to keep an eye out, here are some tips to make your photos stand out above others.

1. Read the Entry Directions & Terms and Conditions. Photography competitions generally have specific entry requirements related to picture subject, content and technical specifications such as photo size etc. Be sure not to ruin your chances by entering incorrectly

2. Product Placement - If the competition you are entering is being sponsored or run by a specific company or product, do your best to include the product in the shot if it makes sense to do so.

3. Be Creative - Although this may sound easy it isn’t always simple to achieve. Get creative with your photo, take the picture from a unique angle, crop in close, include “not quite perfect expressions” if they add character. Have fun!

4. Evoke Emotion - Tell a story with your picture. Make it one that will connect with the viewer. Show your photo to some friends and colleagues and ask them what their initial reaction is. If it’s what you think the judges may be looking for then great, if not go back to the drawing board.

5. Take Plenty of Photos - Don’t just take one photo and expect it to be “the winning shot”. Even the greatest photographer will tell you it almost always takes more than one shot to get the perfect one. Experiment with different backgrounds, different lighting, zooming in and out, different angles and then choose the one you think is the best.

Above all else, just simply remember to have fun and be sure to enter. In reality even the most well planned photo entry may lose, and a random shot could just as easily become the winner. So if you have to decide between not entering and entering an “ok” picture, go with the ok one just in case it happens to be the one the judges like best!

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