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This is a copy of the winspiration.co.uk website that used to provide compers useful information. The old website now appears to redirect to another website. The original website never had any copyright notices - this copy is for historical and research use for compers. It has been reproduced to original as much as possible [apart from this paragraph] however some functionality may not work, eg: Google search on the base of the home page for the winspiration website.


This site is designed to provide 'Winspiration' for those trying to write competition tiebreakers or slogans. Many successful 'compers' tackle this task by brainstorming - i.e. thinking up words and ideas relevant to the product, the prize or the promoter. The aim of the site is to give you a head start, by providing ready made lists for various subject areas. Some previous winning tiebreakers have also been included, to give you an idea of the various successful styles used.


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Drinks  Food
Holidays  Household appliances 
Leisure  Positive Words
Pets  Special Occasions
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