Which is the Best Entry Method for Competitions and Sweepstakes?

October 23, 2008 by admin  
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I’ve had a couple of emails asking me something that is a fairly frequently asked question in the world of winning:

“When a competiton or sweepstake has multiple options for entry, which is the best way to enter?”

So as an example, there’s a competition running that allows you to enter either via mobile phone text message (sms), or landline phone, internet or by mail, which do you choose?

The solution to this is not always an easy one, but there’s a few steps I take to decide what to do.

Consideration 1: - When is the closing date for the competition? If the cut off date is within a couple of days, then obviously this rules out the mail in entry method straight away. I then consider several other things.

Consideration 2: - How many Prizes are Available? Is there a single major prize, hundreds of smaller prizes, or a mixed variety? If there’s only one large prize then generally I don’t focus too much on that particular competition. The more prizes there are to win (even if they are smaller in value) the greater your chance of winning. So if there are many prizes to be won I may take the time to enter using each entry method to spread my entries around, or I may just enter all via the internet.

If the entry process involves a tie breaker such as a words or less answer, I then consider whether further creative avenues can be utilised and may use mail in if I am going to do a creative project and answer.

Consideration 3: - The Cost of Entry: After considerations 1 and 2, its then important to analyse the cost involved in entering. If you need to make a purchase to qualify for entry and it’s not a product you regularly use, it’s a good idea to limit yourself to just one or two entries. Then just pick the 2 entry method and go with those.

Or, if you don’t like the option of having to pay for premium text messages, phone calls or stamps to enter via mail, phone or sms, then using the internet is perfect as it’s pretty much free.

How Entries are Drawn? - It’s been asked many times in the past how it is that when there are so many different entry methods, how is a single entry fairly drawn? There are a couple of ways this takes place:

Some promoters will enter every entry into a computerised database, transferring the mail in details manually. Others will draw a certain number of entries from each entry method, and use those entries as a “short list” of sorts, and then draw the winning entry from there.

It’s hard to predict or determine whether any one entry method is superior, whats important is to remember that you really do just have to be in it to win it!

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