Australian Mail In Competition Secrets

April 17, 2009 by admin  
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While it is often the case that you can enter competitions online, via sms or phone call, there are still plenty of Australian competitions allowing you to send in a good ol’ “snail mail” entry.

When competitions run multiple entry formats there is often the question of which way is “best” to enter? Well honestly who really knows? Every competition, company and promotional agency is unique so we can never be sure exactly what occurs once we enter no matter which method we choose. Personally I like to cover all bases and if there’s a great prize with a few entry methods I will often try to do one of each kind.

So when it comes to Australian Mail In Competitions is there anything to know to increase your chances of winning? While no comper can ever be “sure” here are a few hints and tips that have been debated many times.

  • Enter using a business side envelope - The standard size in Australia for most competitions is a DL size. This is generally acceptable although it’s fine to use other size envelopes if the terms and conditions don’t specify what to use.
  • Use fancy envelopes - This is highly debated. Some people go to all kinds of effort with different colours, drawings, stickers etc. Honestly I have never won a prize using a decorated envelope so I gave that practice up early on and stick to standard DL although others would tell you different. It’s really a personal choice as long as you stick within the competition guidelines.
  • Stuff Envelopes - Some people encourage “stuffing” your envelope to make it thicker. I have a feeling the theory behind this is to make your envelope stand out or have more chance of being grabbed by a hand scrambling to choose a winner. Not sure that it makes a difference, although I do know that often the envelopes are opened and the entry form details entered into a computer for an automated draw these days so this may not do anything other than “surprise” the person opening the envelope at the other end!!!
  • Enter at different times throughout the competition - This is purely a theory based on spreading your chances around. For example if a competition runs for 4 weeks and I am going to enter multiple times via postal method, I will send in an entry at the beginning, middle and end of the competition.
  • Send your entry from different Mail Boxes - This may sound odd, but sometimes mail can get lost or be delayed so if I’m posting in multiple entries, I may use a couple of different mail boxes around town, sometimes on different days, sometimes not.
  • Just ENTER!!! - Don’t do what many people do (including me), buy the product, fill in the entry form, write out the envelope, possibly even put a stamp on the envelope and then don’t post it in!!!! No joke there have been many competitions I simply miss out on entering because I think “oh I’ll do it later” or I simply forget. I have sent many entries in via express post too which then ends up costing me closer to $6.00 instead of 55 cents so it sure pays just to send them in when you can!!

AUSTRALIA POST Postage Calculator - If you are still not sure of different sizes or postage costs, then the Australia post Postage calculator for letters lists the sizes and cost so check it out!

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One Response to “Australian Mail In Competition Secrets”

  1. Sire (3 comments.) on April 17th, 2009 8:08 am

    I can’t see where using fancy envelopes could help anyone win as if the envelopes are in a barrel, you don’t normally look into it when pulling something out. Also, in regards to envelope stuffing, I would have thought that the extra weight may have kept the envelope lower in the pile and therefore more out of reach.

    On a side note, you should consider installing a ’subscribe to comment’ plugin so that I can be notified when other comments are made and can then come back for a look see. :)

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