Competition wins as gifts?

January 20, 2009 by admin  
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Let’s be realistic, we don’t really want to keep every prize that we win.

Take for instance you enter a competition with a family holiday as first prize, and camera as a runners up prize. When the competition is drawn, you are lucky enough to win a runner’s up prize, a new camera. Of course this is a wonderful prize win, but you’ve recently purchased (or won hopefully) the camera of your dreams and you really don’t have any use for this one.

In this situation you’re faced with a few solutions. You can give the camera away to charity or something similar, sell it to try and recover some of your comping costs (and we all know this hobby can have some expenses associated), keep it just for the hell of it, or give the lovely prize away as a gift.

Personally I have given away hundreds of dollars in prizes as gifts. Other prizes I have sold to friends and family at greatly reduced prices, and other times I have given things away. One of the sad things is when you get excited about having the chance to give a great gift to a family member or friend and the reception is less than welcome.

Hopefully not everyone out there has experienced this. But the truth is that when people realise you enter competitions as a hobby, very seldom do they realise the dedication and sometimes the expense that goes along with it. When this is the case, people often “expect” to recieve gifts, or don’t see the value in the gift when it is given.

Most people are grateful for receiving any sort of gift whether it be won or bought, but several times I have given prizes as gifts, keeping in mind that most times the gift is something I would never have been able to afford had I not won it, only to hear the comment “oh did you win this?”.

It can be hurtful to feel as though people don’t appreciate what you are sharing with them. But the reality is, that unless people comp full time as I often do, then they won’t understand the dedication and expense. There are now some family and friends I don’t give prizes to as gifts. Instead I greet them with a $20 gift card instead. It’s their loss, they may have received prizes worth hundreds of dollars otherwise, but there is a point that you need to remember that this is your hobby, your fun and it should stay that way!

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2 Responses to “Competition wins as gifts?”

  1. Lightening (7 comments.) on March 2nd, 2009 6:03 am

    I would be STOKED with a comp win as a gift - as long as it’s something that suits me of course. But then, I tend to be pretty “unfussy” when it comes to gifts. My SIL gave me a dinner set that she’d been given as a gift. Some people would turn their nose up at that but I LOVED it. It was more my style than hers and honestly was probably worth more than she’d usually spend. Why some people have to get so uppity about gifts origins is beyond me!

  2. Fiona (2 comments.) on March 2nd, 2009 6:51 am

    I’m happy with gifts no matter to source!

    and my sister sometimes get from me gifts I’ve received with cosmetic purchases :p

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